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How to Dye Clear Glass to Blue How to Dye Clear Glass to BlueMaterials
1. Empty glass bottle/s (make sure it’s clean and free from grease/oil)
2. Vitrail glass paint (P99 in National Bookstore; available in several colors)
3. Acetone or nail polish remover (used as a thinner for the paint)

1. Combine glass paint with a small amount of acetone (just enough to partially thin down the paint’s consistency) in the bottle.
2. Mix them together. Slowly swirl the paint mixture until the entire interior of the glass is coated with paint.
3. Don’t worry if the paint looks cloudy. It will eventually become translucent with a glass-like finish as it dries. Let the paint dry completely for a couple of days before you put water in it and use as a flower vase.

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