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Insert vintage lace in t shirt DIY: Insert vintage lace in t shirtAre you looking for a quick and easy way to customize your old T-shirt? If you have a boring T-shirt, you can add a small lace insert on the back to give it a fresh look. Decide where the lace goes in and then cut out the lace in the same shape as the mark on the back. Don’t forget to turn your shirt inside out. Leave about an inch for seam allowance. Place the lace in the middle of the back of your T-shirt and adjust the pins into a straight line. Pin and sew the lace on the T-shirt.

Use a basic sewing machine. Choose a regular straight stitch. When you’re done, cut out the rectangle between your sewn lines. Stitch in various places around the lace. Cut the excess lace and turn your T-shirt inside out again. For an original look, use vintage lace. Mix and match your new blouse with a ruffled skirt or a pair of jeans.

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